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Buying, Selling, or Trading games

On a case by case basis, you can do limited posts to sell things in our Facebook group. However, we highly recommend that you go to a larger group targeted to selling.

Tabletop Game Stores

Convention Links

  • Local
    • Midwest GameFest — A mashup of several gaming organizations and cons in the area, all in one place each November!
    • ShaunCon — Kansas City's long-running game convention sponsored by the RPGKC each Fall. Part of the Midwest GameFest this year.
    • Borderwars — Kansas City, MO
    • KantCon — Johnson County, KS
    • UnderCon — Kansas City, MO (the gaming arm of ConQuest)
    • Recruits — Lee's Summit High School, Lee's Summit, MO
    • Planet Comicon — Kansas City, MO
    • Kansas City Comic Con — Kansas City, MO
    • Conquest — Kansas City, MO
    • CryptiCon — Kansas City, MO
  • Regional
  • National
    • AetherCon — A free, online-only convention typically the same weekend as Midwest GameFest (our sister con)
    • GenCon — Biggest of all gaming conventions in the US
    • Origins — Also one of the biggest game conventions in the US

Gaming Club Links

Game Company Links

D20 Game System Links

Other Gaming Related Links

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Artist Links


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