RPGKC Badge HolderQ. It would help to have a better idea of what the convention is about. Can you give us more information?

A. We are expecting the event to be an amalgam of role-playing, board game, and miniatures events, along with special guests, and special events like a costume contest, art contest, benefit raffle, gamers' garage sale, painting workshops, writing workshops, great vendors and more. Themes can include fantasy, science fiction, wild west, anime, you name it. None of this is in stone, and will depend largely on our prefunding. We anticipate using Kickstarter to prefund the event, but other options may be used instead.

Q. What about ShaunCon? Can it be submitted as a convention idea since it already exists?

A. A strict reading of the rules might lead one to think that ShaunCon couldn't be entered, as it is an existing convention. But that was not our intent. We fully expected someone to submit ShaunCon, and that's fine. But someone who submits Origins or GenCon should not expect those to count.

Q. Why not just call it ShaunCon?

We could, and it was considered. And it may well be if that name gets submitted and is voted to be the winner. The Guild has been running ShaunCon since 1990, and there is a lot of history with that name, along with a fair amount of drama and baggage as well. Perhaps a clean start would serve everyone better. It's also important to note that we are anticipating this new convention to be an umbrella operation bringing other smaller events together under at one time... like how Borderwars and ShaunCon helped make up the fabric of KC Game Fair. The name ShaunCon could still work for such an umbrella event, so we will see how the nominations and voting goes.

Q. What about KC Game Fair? Isn't that also in November?

A. KC Game Fair is going on indefinite hiatus. For more information, visit kcgamefair.com.




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