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TsunamiCon's Kickstarter funded, but great stretch goals remain for a VERY short time! Head over and don't miss the best deals on tickets. You'll have a great time at the con and we'll see you there!

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TsunamiCon 2017

Some details:

We've come to the final Friday of our crowdfunding effort. We're so deep in the planning at this point that it seems like ideas and inspiration are zipping by in a steady stream, yet it is remarkably difficult to articulate the features that make this event so rewarding to put together each year. I thought I'd take a moment this week to just present a list of items that are in the works. These are examples of ideas our convention organizers and event captains are working on developing right now.  They may not all reach the con intact or in the same shape as they are now, but it's perhaps the best insight I can offer into the creative process:

Metagamers Anonymous LIVE: Our live podcast scheduled during the lunch break on Sunday afternoon will feature all of our MetAnon cast and the special guests we bring in for the convention this year. In addition, we plan to do regular live videocasting throughout the con. So if you wander past the media lounge while we're at it, feel free to drop by!

TsunamiCon Game Library: One of the steps we've taken to elevate the structure of our convention this year is a partnership with Tabletop Events, and I am very excited to check out their new game library management system. This year, your TsunamiCon badge will be fitted with a QR Code, as will each of the games in our library, and checking out games will be as easy as scanning your badge. No wait, no hassle. Welcome to the Big Time.

TsunamiCon Cosplay Contest: Every year at TsunamiCon we've hosted a cosplay contest with some very cool prizes. At the Wichita Scottish Rite, we have at our disposal a facility just dripping with atmosphere and character that brings a new element of immersive fun to the proceedings - not to mention some amazing photo opportunities!

LARPs (Live Action Roleplaying): We always have a little bit of interest in LARPing at the con, and what I mentioned about the venue in the paragraph above is 10 times as compelling for roleplayers. In addition to interest from a regional LARPing group focusing on a Changeling: The Lost scenario, we also have some fun one-shot events of our own in the works, like a Murder Mystery event on Friday night and The Purge on Saturday evening. Cardboard Carnage is also considering a live action take on the popular board game Colt Express that sounds like a lot of fun.

Drunkards & Dragons: On Saturday night, our entertainment block in the upstairs theater features a live improv game of D&D which includes special guest Mikey Mason, our MCs, and even the occasional audience member. And beer. Lots of beer. I think you can kinda picture the rest.

Exclusive VIG Games: This year we are planning to roll out a small selection of RPG scenarios available exclusively to Gold-level VIGs. These will include a game run by Mikey Mason, the Metagamers Anonymous Cast Game, and our VIG-exclusive game scenarios designed by TsunamiCon writers and management staff. It's our way of showing appreciation for your support, and I hope you spend some time with us at the tables. VIG Gold tickets are a limited commodity, and we suggest you buy them now before the campaign comes to a close, as they may no longer be available after the Kickstarter is completed.

Have any questions? Give us a shout here.