KantCon 2015

Tomb of Horrors

A Special One-Time Twitch Event

Don't miss this weekend's once-in-a-lifetime Tomb of Horrors "Twitch-a-thon" fundraiser for KantCon 2015! The event will stream live via Twitch for 24 hours starting Saturday, June 6 at 11am. Watch as Gamer's Haven Podcast and KantCon members struggle through the brutal traps and devious secrets that make the tomb so memorable, in glorious D&D 5th Edition goodness.

Those watching the live stream will be able to interact with the players through chat, request things to happen to both players and characters, and even request their own characters to be played.

All proceeds will go to funding KantCon 2015, but they like to have fun even when raising money!

Do You Have What it Takes?

And there's still a chance you can get in as a player! Do you have what it takes to survive the Tomb of Horrors? Leave a message on the event's Facebook page or a private message for the event organizer, Jeremy Putnam.

For updates and the complete scoop, check out the details at their Facebook event page or on the KantCon website.

And please share this page with anyone who you think would be interested!

Tomb of Horrors IllustrationThey didn't have what it took.

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