Galaxy GamesThis month's Game Day is our special Extra Life 2014 gaming event. Join us Saturday, October 11, 2014 at Galaxy Games' new location at 3500 S 22nd St, St. Joseph, MO (map).

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Extra Life Event

In addition to our usual RPGs and board games, we are soliciting donations for the Extra Life charity, benefiting Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Help just by coming and participating, or donating a few dollars (or more), or join the team to solicit donations/sponsors yourself!

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The charity works all year, culminating in a national gaming event October 25th, so if you can't help out at Game Day, consider alternatives. For more details, check out our Extra Life 2014 event page. For the Kids.

Extra Life 2014

Game Day Events

  • RPGs and board games available during the day
  • Doors open at 10am
  • Open gaming available all day
  • No biz meeting at Game Day this month. It's been moved to Oct 14th, online, to allow more gaming at Galaxy Games. Check out the Facebook event for details.

Star Wars: Force and Destiny, run by Star Wars adventure author Sterling Hershey. Pre-gens and midi-chlorians provided.
10am - 2pm

D&D 5th Edition Dungeon Delve, run by Doug Howard. Jump in any time, its a delve! Pre-gens, figs, Dwarven Forge terrain, and fun provided.
12pm - ?

13th Age, run by Worlds of Rage author Marker Jones. Take the best parts of the various D&D editions and mash them together with some newer, story-based games. The result is pure win! Pre-gens provided.
2pm - 6pm

Shadowrun, run by Brad Kelley with Quickstart rules. Another simple, uncomplicated mission where everything goes according to plan and nothing could possibly go wrong. Pre-gens and dark future provided.
6pm - 10pm

Pick-up RPGs, card, and board games throughout the day as attendance permits. Got a game you want to show off? Bring it to the game day and gather players!

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