Extra Life 2014

For the Kids

The RPGKC Extra Life 2014 special event is being held in conjunation with our monthly Game Day, Saturday, October 11th at Galaxy Games' new location at 3500 S 22nd St, St. Joseph, MO (map).

What is it?

In addition to our usual RPGs and board games, we are soliciting donations for the Extra Life charity, benefiting Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Each year Extra Life organizes gaming marathons. Participants solicit donations from friends, familiy, anyone really, similar to the March of Dimes' March for Babies and Bikers for Babies or the Alheimer's Association's Walk to Remember. Donors usually pitch in a dollar for every hour gamed. Game 24 hours, each donor pitches in $24. Voila! We aren't gaming 24 hours at Galaxy Games, but we are gaming 12! How about $2 for each hour? =)

Extra Life Display PictureHow can I help?

Help just by coming and participating, or donating a few dollars (or more), or join our team to solicit donations/sponsors yourself! The charity works all year, culminating in a national gaming event October 25th, so if you can't help out at our special Game Day event, consider alternatives. 

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Please spread the word!

More Info

Join the Facebook Event to let us know you're coming. Get details on the events we're running over at our October 2014 Game Day page.

Have any questions? Give us a shout here.