D&D Adventurers League Epic

Deep in the Greypeak Mountains the fire giant warlord Baron Ugarak has enslaved hundreds of small folk to toil in his iron mines furiously extracting elementally infused ore for an as yet unknown purpose. Surrounded by a monstrous army and decidedly shady allies, the Baron poses a dire threat to the goodly folk of the north.

Epic STL is an event that promotes tabletop gaming in all its forms in and around St. Louis, MO.

When: Saturday, December 3, 2016    to 

Where: Gardenville Masonic Temple, 8229 Gravois Road, Saint Louis, MO 63123 (map)

Tier 1 & 2 players welcome! There will be seats for anyone with a character from levels 1-10! Games before and after the epic.


  • $5 for epic
  • $10 all day

At the Door

  • $10 for the epic
  • $15 all day pass

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What's an Epic?

Each Season of Adventures League comes with a HUGE game. At least 10 tables all working together to accomplish one large goal. But it's not just for seasoned veterans... there is something for new players (or new characters) as well.

Each time you play, your choices are not only affecting yourself and your table, but also the larger field of battle. The result for our Epic with all the other Epics around the world for this season will influence the next season's story. So bring your best.


Please sign up at the tier you want to play on.

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