I’ve always found that every character I’ve played has contained an aspect of myself. Little pieces of the best and worst parts of me and things maybe I wasn’t even aware I was imparting on the character until long after the fact. One of the great things about gaming is that we can use the game world as a space to explore ourselves and our interactions with others without the pressure of real life.

In June, the LGBTQA+ community celebrates Pride. As a member of the community myself I think back fondly on my early gaming days. My characters reflected a lot of the things I had questions about or wished I could see in myself. As my friendships developed, I got more comfortable with being my full self everywhere rather than just at the game table.

It’s good to remember that gaming is a shared experience. Whenever we grab some dice, gather at a table, and crack a book to begin a session we embark on a journey together. We’ll grow and learn and spin a tale of epic highs and lows. Every person brings something unique to the game and it would not be the same without them. 

RPGKC is all about bringing people to the table and helping people tell those stories. Inclusivity and acceptance of everyone, no matter our differences, are built into our organization. We support the LGBTQA+ community in June and the rest of the year. On behalf of the RPGKC leadership, we hope you can all play with pride!

—Stephanie Hurd, Guildmaster of RPGKC

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