Member Card

If you’ve been a member for a while, you may have noticed that we stopped mailing and handing out membership cards. In this day and age of computer technology, it seemed old fashioned to make people wait on new cards or the replacement ones that they often needed.

Well, all that has changed for the better. We now provide instant access to these precious documents, so you no longer have to track them down. You can even pull them up on your phone when going to one of our sister conventions and prove your membership status without having to dig through a wallet full of other cards.

It sounds simple, but I’m sure many of you may not have even realized they were available online. Since early last year, they have been quietly sitting online waiting for you.  It was a feature our friends at CYBERG Technologies added for us. So if you are one of our members that hadn’t been aware of this new capability, this is how you get your card.

  1. Visit the Members section on this site.
  2. Login with your user credentials. Help is available if you have trouble logging in.
  3. Now go back to the Members menu and select the Manage Profile link.
  4. Your card can be found under the “Membership Card” tab.


Above: Sample screen showing Members menu and Membership Card tab.

Dave BergDave Berg is a long-time Guild member and has held various officer positions within The Role-Players Guild of Kansas City. Most currently, he acts in the role of the Guild's Hoardmaster. He has been gaming for ages and now works as the support manager at MY3DPRINT.CLUB where he is fortunate to work in a company dedicated to the hobby.

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