Little Guy Needs a HeroThis little guy's parents are avid gamers (his mom is a Gamer Wench), and they face an uphill battle in not only getting and keeping him healthy, but in paying for his medical bills. Pitch in to help a little gamer and his family in their time of need...

Raising Money to Help Cover Multiple Open-Heart Surgeries for Our Newborn Son

Our son, Patrick, was born with multiple congenital heart defects resulting in a truly unique heart structure. His first open-heart surgery was at 7 days old and regardless of operative success, he has a lifetime of medications, heart catheterizations, and surgeries ahead of him.

His official diagnosis is truncus arteriosus with discontinuous pulmonary arteries and mild to moderate hypoplasia of the left ventricle. His pulmonary arteries have been surgically unifocalized and he has a B-T shunt while they wait to see if his left ventricle will be able to pump blood to the body.

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A recent update:

Heart Repair and Future Updates

It's been a while since I've updated, and for that I apologize. Patrick was home roughly two weeks with his G-tube before he was ultimately rushed back to CHM and intubated because of low oxygen. Four days later, he underwent his second open-heart surgery and had his "complete" repair. They patched his VSD in a way that isolated the truncal vessel to the left ventricle, making it the new aorta. They added a conduit and valve from a 10-year-old donor to create a pulmonary artery, which was attached between the right ventricle and branch pulmonary arteries, and took down the shunt. He is now a few weeks post-surgery and doing well. His oxygen sats are in the low to mid-90s most of the time! He's still having feeding issues, and is on many more heart meds than before, but he is improving every day. He will need stents in his distal branch PAs, but they are hoping he can heal for a few months before they have to do it. Only time will tell. Last week, I attended a CHD symposium in Indianapolis. Among other things, it inspired me to start advocating on a larger scale. As a result, I have created the website: fixingpatricksheart.com as a place to share our story, support other families, and provide access to CHD information resources. In an effort to reduce the redundancies and gaps created by trying to provide updates here as well as Facebook and my former blog, all future updates on his progress will appear at the new website. Thanks again for your continued support!


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